Baxter Community Center  +  GVSU

Organizational contact: Anna Johnson

University partner: Debbie Lown

About Baxter Community Center:

Since 1969, Baxter Community Center has been a community-building resource for the Grand Rapids area aiming to address racial and social injustice through the provision of needed social services. Baxter provides direct, subsidized medical services to the community and strives to provide holistic health services. Baxter’s Marketplace provides “a bridge for people preparing to move from emergency to self-sufficiency” by offering skills development as well as food, clothing and financial assistance. To this end, in 2011 Baxter began its Greenhouse program to provide monthly garden education, a free raised-bed gardening program, and food sourced directly to its Marketplace.

What FAIM supported:

The FAIM Project provided the seed funding to help Baxter Community Center begin its In the Garden greenhouse and garden outreach program. These programs provide all the necessary materials for community members to begin growing their own vegetables and, through the greenhouse, supplement the vegetables that Baxter’s Marketplace supplies to the community. Additionally, Baxter supported gardening as a community-building endeavor through two different community celebrations – the Strawberry Jamboree and Tomato Fest!

Connect to Baxter: 

If you live in Grand Rapids and would like to get involved in the Baxter Community Center’s gardens, please connect with them via their website: