Fresh EUP  +  LSSU

Organizational contact: Nome Buckman

University partner: Greg Zimmerman

About Fresh EUP:

Fresh EUP, created by Nome Buckman in 2012, has developed its own programmatic framework to offer free 4’ x 8’ garden beds and education sessions on growing and harvesting to participants in and around Sault Ste Marie. A Garden Mentoring Program was established after the first season so that returning gardeners could play a role in educating new gardeners. Despite the short growing season, 135 pounds of fresh food was harvested from 11 beds in 2013.

What FAIM supported:

The FAIM Project provided seed funding to get Fresh EUP up and running, and fully supported its operations between 2012-2017.

Connect to Fresh EUP: 

If you live in or near Sault Ste Marie and would like to get involved in the Fresh EUP gardens, please connect with them via Facebook