Allen Neighborhood Center  +  Michigan State University

Organizational Contact: Rita O’Brien

University Partner: Stephen Gasteyer

About ANC:

Since 1999, Allen Neighborhood Center (ANC) in Lansing has aimed to be a hub for capacity building, neighborhood enhancement, and for activities that promote the health, safety, stability, and economic well-being of Eastside residents and other stakeholders. Through Restoration Works and its healthcare expertise, ANC has worked on renovating homes in the community as well as connecting community members to free or low-priced health services and cancer screenings. Beginning in 2008, ANC began Hunter Park GardenHouse to expand its ability to provide nutrition and gardening services to the Eastside community.

What FAIM supported:

To support Allen Neighborhood Center’s ongoing work on food access and education, FAIM provided funding to the Garden-in-a-Box program and its ongoing series of gardening workshops. The Garden-in-a-Box program provides free 2’ x 2’ garden boxes complete with soil and seeds/plants to eligible residents each year. ANC provides approximately 20 of these boxes a year, while also working with area youth to build and deliver each box.

Connect to ANC: 

If you live in Lansing and are interested in getting involved with ANC’s garden projects, please connect with them via their website: