edible flint  +  University of Michigan-Flint

Organizational Contact: Deb Hamilton

University Partner: Greg Rybarczyk

About edible flint:

Formed in 2009, edible flint is a network of people and organizations interested in collaboration around healthy food access, productive reuse of vacant land, and education around local food systems. The network engages in several efforts that support residents’ ability to connect, grow, and access healthy food. With this mission in mind, edible flint has divided its efforts among five different work groups including access & education, co-op, garden starters, food garden tour, and organizational work groups. Each work group is self-organized to address specific issues and opportunities in the local food system.  Throughout the year, edible flint’s work groups envision, plan and implement these efforts using a consensus based decision-making model.

What FAIM supported:

FAIM helped fund the efforts of edible flint’s Garden Starters work group, which supports local gardens by providing critical materials, training, and services. Every year, edible flint sells 300 garden starter kits, providing vegetable transplants and seed varieties at a reduced cost to the community. The organization also offers an annual 14-week class that helps introduce new growers to basic gardening skills, and prepares them for the upcoming season. Finally, Garden Starters supports both new and existing gardens through soil testing, compost delivery, and tilling. In 2014, these services assisted 81 gardens, including the establishment of 28 new gardens.

Connect to edible flint: 

If you live in Flint and would like to get involved in the edible flint gardens, please connect with them via their website at: http://www.edibleflint.org/