Chocolay Charter Township Master Plan

Comprehensive Plans, Land Use and Planning
Policy type
Master Plan

The Charter Township of Chocolay Master Plan notes several barriers and opportunities for promoting local food systems. The plan lists administrative, regulatory, and capital project tasks related to food systems as it pertains to the planning process. Administrative and capital project tasks include different strategies of advocating for the strengthening of local food systems; whereas regulatory tasks include specific strategies for amending regulations to support local food systems through increased opportunities for context-sensitive production, processing, marketing, distribution, and waste processing in more areas of the Township.

Relationship to food access, food insecurity, or local food economies

Several U.S. cities are incorporating strategies into elements of their comprehensive plans to advance food system priorities (Neuner et al. 2011). Chocolay Township’s Master Plan recommends several strategies to support projects and partnerships that can strengthen the local food system and remove barriers for producers, consumers, and entrepreneurs.

Scale of Governance
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Michigan Good Food Charter Priority

Priority 1 – Increase healthy food access & consumption, Priority 6 – Use policy & planning to increase food access, Priority 7 – Farmland preservation & viability


Neuner, K., Kelly, S., & Raja, S. (2011). Planning to Eat? Innovative Local Government Plans and Policies to Build Healthy Food Systems in the United States. Buffalo, New York: The Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab. Retrieved on August 3, 2015 from LINK.