Marquette County Local Food Supply Plan

Comprehensive Plans, Land Use and Planning
Policy type
Master Plan

The Marquette County Planning Commission prepared the Local Food Supply Plan, a chapter of the Marquette Comprehensive Plan, in response to emerging trends in the community. The Commission will refer to the plan when advising decision-makers on local food systems issues. The plan intends to promote economic improvement, increase access to healthy and affordable local food, reduce dependency on imported foods, and set an example of how changes in land use can increase food supply.

Relationship to food access, food insecurity, or local food economies

Some U.S. county governments have created stand-alone plans to strengthen local and regional food systems (Neuner et al. 2011). Marquette County’s Local Food Supply Plan is a useful tool for directing policy and planning efforts to support the local food system and promote greater access to healthy foods.

Scale of Governance
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Michigan Good Food Charter Priority

Priority 1 – Increase healthy food access & consumption, Priority 6 – Use policy & planning to increase food access, Priority 7 – Farmland preservation & viability


Neuner, K., Kelly, S., & Raja, S. (2011). Planning to Eat? Innovative Local Government Plans and Policies to Build Healthy Food Systems in the United States. Buffalo, New York: The Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab. Retrieved on August 3, 2015 from LINK.