FAIM Food Policy Database



Recognizing the important role policies play in shaping the food environment, food access, and the work occurring across communities in Michigan, the FAIM Project team created a portal to more easily collect and share policies supporting food access and local food economies in Michigan.

To build the Michigan Food Policy Database, the FAIM Project team gathered an initial list of 44 policies at the city, township, county, and state level under the themes of:  Agriculture, Economic Development, and Land Use & Planning.

A summary of each policy was written as well as a description of the research illustrating the policy’s relationship to food access, food insecurity, and/or supporting local food economies. Links are provided to the policy text, how the policy relates to the Michigan’s Good Food Charter, as well as links to publicly available references for those looking for additional information.

This interactive database allows policymakers, government staff, food policy councils, and advocacy groups to learn about Michigan-based examples of public policies that have been adopted to address food access and support local food systems.


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Additional Food Policy Resources

You can find additional information about policies in Michigan (and across the country) from the following websites:

Michigan Good Food Charter

Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems (CRFS)

Michigan State University Extension

Growing Food Connections

Contact Us

Should you have any questions about the Michigan Food Policy Database please contact us at faimproject@gmail.com.

Submit a Policy

Let us know if you would like to add a specific policy to the FAIM Food Policy Database. If the policy has been officially adopted by a governmental unit at the municipal, township, county, state, or federal level email us at faimproject@gmail.com. The potential policy must explicitly address issues related to food access, food insecurity, and/or local food economies.