Full Policy Name:
Topics: Agriculture, Urban Farming
Policy type: Motion
Year: 2014

Permaculture Park in the Charter Township of Chocolay is the result of a partnership between local government and the Chocolay Community Farm Collaborative, a local organization. Both the Chocolay Township Board and Planning Commission voted to approve a five-year lease agreement to lease 14 acres of township property to the organization for the purpose of preserving agricultural land and promoting local food systems.

Relationship to food access, food insecurity, or local food economies:

Chocolay Township’s Permaculture Park is expanding access to healthy foods and food production opportunities on public lands. The park hosts a children’s garden, community garden plots, u-pick berry patches, and other interactive agricultural uses (UPFE 2014), as well as educational workshops and work sessions (Charter Township of Chocolay 2015).

Scale of Governance: Township
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Michigan Good Food Charter Priority: Priority 6 - Use policy & planning to increase food access, Priority 7 - Farmland preservation & viability

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