Full Policy Name: City of Marquette Community Master Plan
Topics: Comprehensive Plans, Land Use and Planning
Policy type: Master Plan
Year: 2015

The City of Marquette’s Master Plan integrates the needs of community food systems to guide local policies and planning practices. More specifically, the plan recommends crafting or amending guiding and regulatory documents relating to home gardens and community gardens, urban market/commercial farm uses, interim use of public land for food production purposes, access to healthy foods, and support for the consideration of health policy in public decisionmaking processes.

Relationship to food access, food insecurity, or local food economies:

Food systems planning tools are becoming more common in U.S. cities to address reduced food access in low-income communities and communities of color. Comprehensive plans that include food access components can positively benefit communities and guide regulatory decisionmaking and the planning process (Hodgson 2012). The Marquette master plan aims to increase food access by developing strategies for allowing temporary produce sales in residential areas, expanding land uses for small food retail stores, and improving transit.

Scale of Governance: City
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Michigan Good Food Charter Priority: Priority 1 - Increase healthy food access & consumption, Priority 6 - Use policy & planning to increase food access

Hodgson, K. (2012). “Planning for food access and community-based food systems: A National Scan and Evaluation of Local Comprehensive and Sustainability Plans.” American Planning Association. Retrieved on October 12, 2016 from LINK.