Welcome to the FAIM Project blog!

We are so excited to share with you the work our team has been undertaking for the past six years!

The Food Access in Michigan Project (FAIM Project) is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary research project exploring food insecurity in the state of Michigan. Over the coming months, we’ll be posting our research findings, as well as blog posts with additional ideas, thoughts and insights we’ve gleaned through our extensive interviews with folks all over Michigan. These interviews helped us build our understanding of the challenges facing folks working throughout the food system, as well as the dedication, passion and ingenuity infusing the creation of more just and equitable systems. We hope you will be equally inspired along the way!

For six years, research teams at six universities across the state collected a variety of data and information in order to explore some of the ideas outlined below:

  • 1 in 7 people in Michigan is food insecure. How does that compare to hunger and food insecurity in the rest of the country? Who is most likely to be impacted? How do political and economic decisions effect hunger?
  • FAIM researchers talked to over 120 stakeholders throughout Michigan’s food system. How do researchers define the food system? And what did these stakeholders have to say about the causes of hunger and potential solutions?
  • Agriculture is the second largest industry in Michigan, and Michigan farmers produce an incredible variety of crops, but the state of agriculture is changing. What are the trends in agriculture and how are they impacting small farmers and farmers of color? What did farmers have to say about the challenges they face?
  • From big box stores, to farm stands, to gas stations, food retailers shape people’s daily experiences with food. What types of retailers are most prevalent across Michigan? What are some retailers doing to support local farmers and make fresh foods available in their communities?
  • What is a foodshed? Considering how much food Michigan grows, and what the consumption needs are of the state’s population, can Michigan feed itself and how might that look?
  • State and local policies impact people’s food environments. What are state and local policies that impact the food system in Michigan? How do they also impact public health and local food economies?
  • Food policy councils can provide an opportunity for people from different parts of the food system to come together, share ideas and information, and advocate for change. Where are there food policy councils in Michigan?


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